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GYOZA are dumplings made with a very thin dough and subtle fillings. GYOZA originated in ancient China and became known throughout the rest of the world as part of the heritage of Japan, the country of the rising sun.



60% of juicy filling inside!

VIČI GYOZA is a bit of Eastern culture for your stylish party. Your friends may be very different, but don’t all of them just love delicious, crunchy snacks? The party will take their breath away when they try VIČI GYOZA dumplings with salmon and cheese, with spicy vegetables, with shiitake and black fungus or with meat, which only took you 5 minutes to prepare!

Tasty and high quality dumplings:

VIČI GYOZA are exceptionally tasty and produced using high-quality products. They are seasoned with natural spices only - no flavor enhancers are used. 60% of the dumpling is juicy stuffing! This snack is easy to prepare, so it will not only please the hosts, but also the guests of the party.


Our products

VIČI GYOZA with chicken and black fungus

Juicy chicken in an incredibly thin dough seasoned by black fungus that just melts in your mouth as an unbelievably delicious delicacy. Delicate, subtle and original.

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VIČI GYOZA with meat

It is safe to say that this product is the most satisfying snack for hungry party guests. It has carefully selected, juicy meat from chicken thighs, pork shoulder and bacon, along with onions and garlic added to make it taste just perfect.

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VIČI GYOZA with salmon and cheese

These dumplings are made for real connoisseurs who love unconventional flavour combinations. The gently prepared salmon accompanied by dill perfectly blends with the delicate taste of tofu and sweet potato noodles, and the final chord is played by Korean leeks. Did you know that Korean leeks, which taste a lot like Lithuanian garlic, are one of the main spices in Asian cuisine?

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VIČI GYOZA with spicy vegetables

Perfect for those who like spicy food. The first violin in this orchestra of flavours is ginger, which is the king of Southeast Asian cuisine. Did you know that food that contains ginger is absorbed better, has a positive effect on the digestive system and even helps to control weight?

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VIČI GYOZA with vegetables

Perfect for vegetarians. Mild-flavoured, light and juicy dumplings with Korean leeks, ginger, sweet potato noodles and spinach. Their subtle taste is enhanced by roasted sesame oil. Since ancient times, tofu has been highly valued as a source of natural protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamins B and E.

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VIČI GYOZA with shiitake and black fungus

In this product, the flavours of two exotic mushrooms harmoniously blend together and all the benefits for a person’s body are present. Did you know that a substance contained in white Shiitake mushrooms reduces the risk of cancer, helps in regulating blood pressure and purifies the blood? Black fungus regulates the amount of cholesterol in blood. It also contains pectin, which cleans the body. Flavourful, delicious and healthy.

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How to cook

In Japan, GYOZA are usually briefly fried in a pan at first, and then steamed.

Things are much easier with VIČI GYOZA, as you are able to serve a snack for your guests in just a few minutes.

If your guests are picky, you can surprise them by serving GYOZA in eight different ways.

Watch how to cook!

 It has never been easier to get ready for a great party!


Dill sauce

This fresh and light dill sauce that smells like summer will be adored by those who love the taste of Lithuanian cuisine. 

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Honey and garlic sauce

 This oriental sweet and sour sauce will blend well with all types of VIČI GYOZA. It can be quickly prepared, fragrant, and flavoured with soy and brown sugar. It will definitely become the star of the party.

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Mustard and cream sauce

Mustard is one of the oldest spices in the world. When combined with honey, black pepper and lemon, it produces a subtle, light and low calorie seasoning that will please both him or her. Try it!

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Nettle sauce

A natural and nutritious delicacy ‒ a gift of nature. Capricious but not pretentious, it will satisfy and impress guests who lead healthy lifestyles.

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Pomegranate sauce

An exotic, fragrant, sweet and spicy seasoning for gourmets. Flavoured with sweet red wine, it unfolds like an immense bouquet of flavors ‒ special and inimitable.

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Georgian sauce

Perfect for those who like adventure, thrills and adrenaline. The harmonious blend of bell pepper, Ajika and garlic will charm you, due to its unique flavor and spiciness.  

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White wine sauce

A subtle seasoning which combines the enchanting grape aroma with a balanced taste and exceptional delicacy. Even the biggest sceptics will enjoy it.

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Pickle sauce

This sauce is a light version of “tzadziki”. It contains pickles, herbs and olive oil and will delicately enhance the taste of VIČI GYOZA. A light, time-tested taste.

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Yogurt sauce

Simple things never die. This easily prepared, fresh sauce with herbs is not an exception.

It is a classic sauce for a pleasant, calm evening with friends. Bon appetite!

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Capers sauce

When you prepare this sauce, you are going to feel like you are in the Mediterranean region. The flavors of natural yogurt, mustard seeds and capers blend into a wonderful and gentle melody reminiscent of a sea breeze. Even true gourmets will be surprised. 

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Champignon sauce

It smells like Autumn! This soft, delicate and elegant sauce will please the ladies that come to the party. It’s also perfect for vegetarians. Try it! 

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Tartar sauce

This sauce will be enjoyed by strong, energetic men who have a weakness for marinated cucumbers, and meat dishes cannot be imagined without horseradish. This sauce has an expressive taste, is easy to prepare, and is really great for parties. Try it!

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Sauce andalouse

Andalusian cuisine is influenced by two very different cooking styles: Spanish and Moroccan. This mix of cultures also resulted in gazpacho soup, which is enjoyed all around the world. If you like tomatoes and spicy food, you should try to make this sauce, which also contains brandy.

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Capers and olives sauce

 Capers were used for cooking by the ancient Greeks.

The essential oil that is found in capers gives a pleasant sourish taste to the sauce, and the olives add a gentle saltiness. 

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Garlic sauce

A sauce that is extremely easy to prepare, and the ingredients can be found in every household. No special training is required and in just a few minutes, the VIČI GYOZA will taste different. Perfect, if your guests have caught you off guard. Try it!

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